¡Deja los pretextos! Esta abuelita de 73 años es influencer fitness y un gran ejemplo

Si necesitas motivación para salir de tu zona de comfort y comenzar a hacer ejercicio,...

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Si necesitas motivación para salir de tu zona de comfort y comenzar a hacer ejercicio, debes conocer a Joan MacDonald, una abuelita canadiense de 73 que luce impresionante y, además, es un gran ejemplo de que la edad no es impedimento para ser fuerte por dentro y por fuera.

Uno podría pensar que Joan ha dedicado toda su vida al ejercicio y dieta, por lo que quizás, sería más fácil llegar a su edad con ese físico. Sin embargo, la realidad es muy distinta.

Hace tres años, la canadiense se vio envuelta en una crisis matrimonial que la hundió en una terrible depresión que, a su vez, le ocasionó problemas de salud como artritis, colesterol e hipertensión.

Por ello, Joan se vio forzada a tomar medicamentos por montón, los cuales rechazaba pues luego de ver a su madre sufrir por algo similar, dijo no estar dispuesta a pasar por lo mismo.

Fue en ese momento cuando todo cambió para esta fuerte abuelita y con ayuda de su hija, la entrenadora Michelle MacDonald, comenzó a ejercitarse y hacer una dieta acorde a sus necesidades.

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I love these for my hip muscles, and they always draw a few looks in the gym ?. I think most people are always a bit shocked to see little old me loading up the bar like this. Two years ago I wasn’t doing this however. One day I was in the gym with Michelle @yourhealthyhedonista and she said “it’s time”! ? We started off with 135 lbs (that’s the bar plus two big 45 lbs plates). She corrected my form, barking orders at me, demonstrating what she wanted me to do, and by the end of the lesson I was doing 200 lbs. I don’t know how that’s possible but I guess when you’ve got good instructions anything is possible. Here I’m doing 205 lbs with a 2 count pause at the top. By pausing at the top I’m building up even more strength in my muscles. Keys: set up everything so that you are wedged in tight. You can’t be all loose and wobbly lifting a heavy weight like this. Trust me, it helps! 2) use a quality pad like this special hip thrust pad by @ironbullstrength . I ordered mine off of amazon. 3) start off with a light weight until you master the movement. I’m trying to squeeze the glutes hard to thrust the weight up until my knees, hips and chest are in one line. ???? 4) keep pushing the knees out. Don’t let them collapse in. This will help build up your side glute muscles and keep your knees healthy. That’s it for the hip thrust! If you do these today tag me so I can see! And tag a friend who you think could benefit from these! ??? #nevertooold.

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“Cada día me muevo en una dirección basada en mis elecciones. Cada mes es un nuevo hito (…) Cada año parece que he cambiado tanto que creo que no puedo cambiar más y, sin embargo, lo hago” escribió Joan en una fotografía compartida en su cuenta de Instagram.

La mayor de las MacDonald ahora es famosa en redes sociales e incluso es considerada influencer fitness, pues realmente es un ejemplo para todos.

“En este punto, realmente me doy cuenta de que somos ilimitados. En cualquier momento podemos tomar la decisión de cambiar. No importa cuán difícil o desafiante sea la vida, debemos mantenernos firmes en nuestro objetivo y seguir avanzando. Cuando comencé, nunca imaginé que estaría donde estoy hoy. Solo quería recuperar mi salud y dejar mi medicamento”.

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3 years ago I began this long, slow journey and now I realize that there really isn’t any end to it. Each day I move in a direction based on my choices. Each month is a new milestone. Each year I seem to have changed so completely I think I can’t change any more and yet I do.?? At this point, I truly realize that we are limitless. At any moment we can make a decision to change. No matter how difficult or challenging life is, we must remain steadfast in our aim and keep inching forward. When I got started I never imagined I’d be where I am today. I just wanted to get my health back and get off my medication. Each door we step through leads to another door and then another. I hope you all keep choosing to grow! To learn to love yourself, take the best care of yourself, and dare to dream and love with your whole heart again.?? . Pink outfit by @womensbest . . #transformation #hope #justdoit.

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¡Espero que todos sigan eligiendo crecer! Para aprender a amarte a ti mismo, cuídate mucho y atrévete a soñar y amar de nuevo con todo tu corazón”

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Follow your heart and don’t let the world steal the spring from your step. I’ve been around a lo-o-o-ong time. I grew up in a tiny village in a remote part of Newfoundland, and we had no motor vehicles, no electricity, and we had to live off the land. We survived all kinds of hardships but here I am today in the modern world still learning, living and growing. It has been very challenging to stay on top of all the changes I’ve been witness too, but you know what, one of the most amazing things about the human spirit is the ability to adapt and grow! My fellow humans, I wish you all the inner strength and self-belief in the world. Face each day with a great routine to get off on the right foot. Keep reaching for the stars. Love yourself the way god meant you too, and share your positive soul with the world. Everyone can grow, everyone can change, everyone can help another person and bring a positive message to the world. Join me!!! Please let me know ⬇️⬇️ one thing you have learned to love about yourself and one positive thing you’ve down for another person this year! ?? Let’s all celebrate our goodness Much love to you all Joan ??

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